Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We’ll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

Isadora Teich

How do you feel about luxury products?

Which of these common makeup steps could you most easily skip?

Where in your routine do you most want shimmer?

When it comes to foundation, how much coverage do you want?

Which type of eyeshadows are you naturally the most attracted to?

Of these eyeliner formulas, which features most in your collection?

Which lipstick color would you be most likely to wear to work?

How do you feel about glitter on the face?

Do you wear a lot of liquid lipsticks?

Do you think that primer is necessary under foundation?

When it comes to single shadows, which of these colors attracts you more?

Which foundation formulation do you lean toward most?

Which of these makeup pet peeves really gets your goat?

Of these products, which can you not get enough of?

Of these complexion products, which is a day-to-day go to for you?

Which type of brow product works best for you?

Which eyeshadow formulation do you own more of?

Stick products are on trend. Are you into it?

Where does gloss go?

How into self tanner are you?

Has your makeup style changed a lot over time?

How important is SPF to you when it comes to your daily makeup routine?

Do you own any lipliners?

Makeup in jelly formulation is very popular right now. Is it a must for your makeup bag?

What is your favorite part of doing your makeup?

Is it important to you that makeup is "wearable"?

Your makeup bag would not be complete without:

You choose products to achieve what kind of look?

In your opinion, what role does skincare play in your makeup looks?

What do you look for in mascara?

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About This Quiz

Makeup is a deeply personal thing. There are so many products out there and so many ways to wear them. Whether you love a flawless glass skin finish, effortless natural makeup, or a full glam look full of glitter and lashes on the daily, you know that the magic of makeup is real. It can be empowering to change your face however you want to on any given day, and have control over how the world sees you. Whether you are obsessed with creating a flawless base, or can't leave the house without your eyeliner wings sharp enough to kill, you know that when it comes to style, what you do with your hair factors into your appearance as much as what you put on your face! 

So, tell us all of your makeup favorites and hate-its, and based on that we will match you with the perfect haircut for your makeup style. Based on your choice in products, can we guess whether your look has the vibes of a natural bombshell or an alternative babe with edgy tastes? Tell us what you look for in a mascara and more, and we will match you to the ideal haircut for your style! 

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