Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We’ll Tell You What % High Maintenance You Are

Teresa M.

Which Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss is more your style?

Which self-tanning product would you try?

Which brand's lipbrush would you be lost without?

Which shade of eyebrow pencil would you need?

Which color of Kat Von D's lip liner would you use most?

How many tubes of concealer would you put in your bag?

Would you add a Glow Recipe watermelon or blueberry product to your bag?

Which item by The Beauty Chef would you always have on hand?

Which gift set would you pick up for a friend?

What sort of mascara do you need?

Which shade of Cover FX Glitter Drops would make your bag?

Which brand's contouring products would you like to try?

Which Too Faced eyeshadow palette would you like most?

Which brand of eyeliner would you grab?

Which highlighter kit would you get from Ulta?

Which celebrity fragrance would you put in your bag?

Which nail polish brand would you grab the most of?

Would you add eyelashes to your makeup bag?

Which Clinique Cheek Pop color would work best for you?

Which OUAI product would you snag from Sephora?

Which kind of skincare cream would your bag have inside?

Which Sephora Face Mask would you try?

Do you prefer finishing powder or setting spray?

Which brand of face primer would you use?

Which Drunk Elephant item would you like to try?

Which tool is a must have for your makeup bag?

Which foundation would work best with your skin?

Which color lipstick would you add first?

Which store would you start filling a makeup bag in?

Which brand makes the best blush?

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About This Quiz

They say you can tell a lot by a man's shoes, but the best way to get to know a woman is to get to know her makeup bag! We are not sure who says that (and we know plenty of men that wear makeup). In any event, let's go shopping for a brand new bag of tricks, and we'll be able to tell you what percentage high maintenance you are. 

Are you the type that needs three different eyeliners to get the job done? Or are you okay with an old-fashioned pencil and sharpener? The things you put into your new makeup bag will tell us many things about your personality and the way you live. Most importantly, you will get the opportunity to learn where you fall on the maintenance scale. 

Your best friend might already know the answer, but we tend to view ourselves as normal, no matter what. By the time you've visited a few makeup counters with us, your percentage will be as clear as a defrizzing hair serum. Will you score as high or as low on the maintenance scale as you think? Fill up a makeup bag, and we'll let you know! 

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