Quiz: Before There Were DVDs: The Film Industry
Before There Were DVDs: The Film Industry
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Just as the market for VHS sales was proving itself, the industry brought us the new standard: DVDs. In this quiz, we'll be looking at exactly what changed within the film industry during that time and in the decades since. Can you tell fact from fiction about this high-tech topic?

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The first home video camera debuted for sale in 1963.
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Color VHS was invented in the mid-1980s, after camcorders became popular.
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Currently, the highest possible resolution for digital video is 26 megapixels.
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The copyright industry employs fewer than 10 million workers in the U.S.
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A single print of a film costs thousands of dollars to make.
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The first IMAX 3-D feature, 2004's "Polar Express," earned 14 times as much per screen as its 2D version.
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It costs more than $50 million to convert a film to 3D.
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Almost one-third of Americans admit to copying a DVD in the last six months of 2010.
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Fewer than half of those who burn DVDs illegally eventually purchase the real title.
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DVD piracy costs American workers less than a billion dollars a year.
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