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We all want to make the best use of the money we earn. Luckily, there are some great computer programs designed to help us organize our finances. Do you know how these programs work? Take our quiz to discover how much you know about the exciting world of financial planning software.

If you were to run a search on the importance of financial planning, you would get approximately how many hits?

Financial planning is a major priority for most people. A search of this sort will yield more than 35 million hits!


When living paycheck-to-paycheck you must always fear which of these?

If you don't have any money set aside, a job loss can be devastating. Financial planning can help facilitate a safety net.


Which of these is an example of a goal that requires serious financial planning?

Many of us want to retire comfortably. To do so, however, requires very careful planning.


What is the price of a Quicken Premier 2010 software package?

There is no need to spend a fortune trying to save a fortune. Financial planning software is surprisingly affordable.


How does Quicken gather pertinent information?

You link Quicken software to your various accounts through a login location, and it collects the information on its own.


Which of these is an example of the kind of site to which you would link Quicken?

You can use Quicken to manage things like your bank accounts and retirement funds. You link the software to the relevant sites, and let the software gather the information.


How does Quicken help you with your taxes?

One of the great things about financial planning software is that they help you do your taxes. Quicken identifies deductable items, and flags them for you.


How will Quicken help you stay on track of your bills?

With our busy schedules, sometimes we can forget to pay a bill or two. Quicken provides automated reminders when it's time to pay your bills.


Quicken helps you control your spending by doing which of the following?

Quicken automatically tracks your spending habits and creates a budget for you. It adjusts your budget based on trends, so that you are not spending money you might not actually have.


Which of these makes retirement planning so unpredictable?

While rate of inflation and fixed expenses remain relatively predictable, life expectancy is a personal variable. You might know the national average, but you have to try to plan for your actual life span.


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