Find Out How Good Your Small Talk Is!

Zoe Samuel

Do you get invited back to parties?

Do you think small talk is pointless?

Do you find other people interesting?

Do you always have a few topics ready to go?

Which topic do you think of as the third rail?

At a party, someone is boring you. What do you do?

How many drinks do you need to have fun?

Do you get shy?

Have you ever told someone they were boring you?

Are you introverted?

Do you love to talk?

Does an empty calendar fill you with joy?

Can you talk about commuting without talking about local taxes?

Can you talk about the weather without talking about climate change?

Do you believe in greasing the wheels?

What do you think of trivial people?

Do you gossip?

Do you know the latest sports scores?

Do you know what the Kardashians are up to?

Do you watch "The Bachelor" or any of its other versions?

Can you find common ground with anyone?

Do you like people who are different to you?

Can you remember names?

Can you take a compliment?

Can you give a compliment?

How long can you go without checking your phone?

Are you insatiably negative?

Do you like to reveal things about yourself, or keep everything close?

Are you curious?

Do you know how to read body language?

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About This Quiz

Some of us love the chit-chat that fills the air at parties, and some of us loathe it. Either way, it's a valuable life skill. Where do you rank on the small talk league table?

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