Quiz: Find Out What Kind of Piercing You Should Get with This Quiz!
Find Out What Kind of Piercing You Should Get with This Quiz!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Piercings are a fun (and painful) form of body modification that has been around for millennia. Today, we humans have gotten rather inventive with it and have now pierced just about every pierceable and not-so-pierceable body part that we possess. But which one should you get? Just where should you get your licensed piercer to put a hole in? Take this quiz to find out.

Oh, we've gone way past the traditional and very acceptable ear piercing. No, this quiz will explore some options you may not have thought of. Does a spider bite appeal to you, or are you more of a snake bite kind of person? Are you edgy enough to pull off an eyebrow piercing, or should you not go so bold? What about a dermal piece? They're decorative, almost painless and can be put in a number of places. Or should you do it in a secret place reserved for your romantic partner? 

This quiz will ask you a number of questions about your piercing likes and dislikes, about your personal and social life and about things you may have long forgotten. Allow us to question you a bit so that we can reveal which body part of yours you should pierce next. 

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