Quiz: Take This Quiz and We'll Guess the Tattoo of Your Dreams
Take This Quiz and We'll Guess the Tattoo of Your Dreams
By: Khadija L.
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About This Quiz

The first tattoos were seen during the Neolithic Era on mummified skins from all over the world. In different cultures, they can symbolize anything from accomplishments to marital rituals to rebellion, and while it is still frowned upon, it has become more socially acceptable. 

Many tattoos are unique to the individual from where it is found on the wearer's body, and it represents self-expression, creativity, commitment, and to some, empowerment.

Deciding what kind of tattoo to get, especially for first-timers can be very difficult. Not only are they worried about the level of pain, but also the cost and if they are going to like the finished piece. The most popular tattoos include quotes, zodiac signs, fandom tattoos, among others, but what makes them unique is the style and color, size, and placement. While they are very common, the most important thing about any tattoo is the meaning that it holds to the wearer.

Would you like to find out what your dream tattoo is? Well, it is a good thing that you've stumbled upon this quiz because it was made to help with that specifically. Take it to find out what you are going to end up with!

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