Quiz: Finish These '70s Song Lyrics and We'll Guess Which Muscle Car Matches Your Personality!
Finish These '70s Song Lyrics and We'll Guess Which Muscle Car Matches Your Personality!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Grab a velvet blazer and a pair of bellbottom pants for this quiz; we're heading back the '70s! Let us test your knowledge of famous '70s lyrics. Your reward for rock and rolling all night and partying all day will be bragging rights about the muscle car you are most like. 

Will your knowledge of Led Zeppelin's howling words put you behind the wheel of a Charger or a Mustang? Will knowing every word to a song by The Jacksons make you tough enough to speed down the highway in a souped-up Camaro? Once you answer with the words you think of to finish the song lyrics, we'll be able to tell you. Even if you're not sure, try making your best guess. Even the answers you might not know will tell us more about your muscle car personality than you could ever imagine.

From ABBA's disco hits to Black Sabbath's heavy metal tunes, the '70s offers up a unique take in song lyrics. As we put you to the test, we are certain you'll know more than you think you do. We're also quite sure you'll love the muscle car that you find out you really are. 

"Hold on loosely, and don't let go!" It's time to find out!

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