Quiz: Finish These '80s Lyrics and We'll Tell You Which Hairstyle to Get Next!
Finish These '80s Lyrics and We'll Tell You Which Hairstyle to Get Next!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Flipping through a magazine to find the perfect new hairstyle loses its appeal after you've done it so many times. If you've been looking for new hair inspiration, but you have run out of places to look, you have found the place for you! Bypass hours of Googling styles, and complete these '80s song lyrics instead. Not only will you have more fun, but we'll also get to know you in a brand new way.

Whether you've got the beat or you're preparing for a white wedding, getting a new hairstyle can put a little pep in your step. Since '80s music has the same effect here in the office, we figured it might help to blend the two together. The way you finish the '80s lyrics we ask you about will say a lot about your personality, and your personality must be included when considering a hairstyle. 

Avoid another bad hairdo, and find out which one you would rock by rocking along to some '80s tunes. After you've finished, you will not only know what to ask your stylist to do to your hair, but you will also have a few catchy '80s songs stuck in your head. Put the needle on the record and quiz, quiz!

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