Quiz: The Ultimate First Aid Quiz
The Ultimate First Aid Quiz
By: Staff
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Quick -- do you know how to perform CPR? Help someone who has just fainted? Get an insect out of a kid's ear? No? Well, read on. When you're done with this quiz, you'll feel a lot more confident in emergency first-aid situations.

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What's something helpful you can give to a person who might be having a heart attack?
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At what point is a fever considered dangerous in an adult?
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If you happen to lose a tooth and can't stick it back in the socket, you should immediately place it in _____.
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What's the proper ratio of chest compressions to breaths in CPR?
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If chemicals have splashed into your eyes, for how long should you flush them with water?
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If you're with someone who needs CPR but you're not trained in it, what should you do?
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Which type of painkiller will also reduce swelling?
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If someone has fainted, should you raise his head or his feet above heart level?
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What's the 'five and five' method that the American Red Cross recommends for delivering first aid to a choking victim?
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The bite of this spider produces a fluid-filled blister that then leaves a deep ulcer?
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What's NOT a good thing to put on sunburn?
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If you suspect you have food poisoning, should you take anti-diarrheal medicine?
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If your child has an insect stuck in his ear, you can pour warm ____ into the ear.
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You have hypothermia when your body temperature is below ____.
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What should you never do when caring for someone with hypothermia?
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If you've been bitten on the arm by a poisonous snake, should you raise your arm above your heart or lower it?
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What's the phone number for the National Poison Control Center?
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