Quiz: Everyday Science: Flood Quiz
Everyday Science: Flood Quiz
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Floods hold a prominent spot in the creation myths of many cultures, and today they kill more people every year than any other weather phenomenon. How much do you know about floods?

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What caused the famous 1889 flood in Johnstown, Pa.?
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The Arno River flooded in _____, causing major damage to the art collections of Florence, Italy.
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One of the world's largest moving structures is a flood barrier. Where is it located?
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According to the National Flood Insurance Program, what's the chance of the average American home sustaining flood damage in the course of a 30-year mortgage?
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How much rapidly moving water can knock a person down?
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In the floods of 1993, how many of the Mississippi River's 1,300 levees failed?
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What percentage of the city of New Orleans was flooded after Hurricane Katrina in 2005?
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How high was the wall of water that hit Shadyside, Ohio, in a flash flood on June 14, 1990?
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