Quiz: Hippie Heyday: The Ultimate Flower Power Quiz
Hippie Heyday: The Ultimate Flower Power Quiz
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In the mid-1960s, the hippie counterculture developed in the United States, initially focused around civil rights demonstrations and anti-Vietnam War protests. Hippies' antiviolent, free love ethos sprang from the concept of "flower power," which advocated for peace, not war.

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Which beatnik poet popularized the flower power concept of nonviolent antiwar protesting?
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What city became flower power central in the 1960s?
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In addition to flowers, Ginsberg encouraged antiwar demonstrators to bring other items to the Vietnam War protests, including what?
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In 1967, thousands of hippies gathered together to try to levitate what iconic building?
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What music festival marked the highlight of the Summer of Love?
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What event in San Francisco signaled the beginning of the end of the psychedelic lifestyle in the 1960s?
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What 1967 pop hit became the anthem of the Summer of Love in San Francisco?
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What did Jimi Hendrix light on fire while performing at the Monterey International Pop Festival?
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Who told hippies to "tune in, turn on and drop out" at the 1967 Human Be-In gathering at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park?
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What other counterculture group threatened violence against hippies protesting the Vietnam War?
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A Hells Angels member killed a concert goer at a concert for what band?
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In what year did California criminalize LSD?
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San Franciscans started tossing around the label "hippie" in what year?
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From 1964 to 1968, California saw a huge rise in what?
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What was the unofficial newspaper of the San Francisco hippies?
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Along with Allen Ginsberg, what other famous author helped shepherd the early hippie movement?
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Who allegedly coined the 1960s slogan, "Make Love, Not War"?
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What popular music magazine released its first issue in 1967?
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What was the popular name for the thousands of young adults who flocked to San Francisco during the Summer of Love?
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What seminal psychedelic rock 'n' roll album of the 1960s was released in 1967?
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