Quiz: Everyday Food Myths Quiz
Everyday Food Myths Quiz
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There is a world of misinformation about the foods we eat. How much do you know about food myths?

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You should spread your protein consumption fairly evenly throughout your daily meals.
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According to one long-lived myth, chocolate can cause which affliction?
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Carbohydrates are good for you.
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One myth is that aluminum foil will cause which affliction?
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Kale is NOT loaded with which nutrient?
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What happens to kids who do NOT drink cow's milk?
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The yellow yolk of an egg contains much of the egg's nutritional value.
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Why do many people say that you shouldn't you eat any food before you go to bed?
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Why do some people say you should never use a wooden cutting board?
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Vegetarian diets are typically healthier than non-vegetarian diets.
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Doctors once advised people to drink how many glasses of water per day?
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Organic foods really aren't healthier for you than conventional foods.
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What's one potential effect of regularly consuming artificial sweeteners?
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Eating fish lowers your cholesterol levels.
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One myth ties the consumption of soy products to which affliction?
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Eating fat definitely makes you fatter.
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About how much of a typical olive oil is saturated fat?
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According to one myth, why should you add salt to boiling water?
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Foods high in sodium typically taste salty.
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Why are the sugars found in fruit better than the sugars found in juice?
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How does searing a piece of meat change its juiciness?
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Processed foods are bad for you.
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How much trans fat is found in a typical egg?
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You can eat dark leafy greens to get a lot of your daily calcium needs.
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Eating celery burns more calories than you take in.
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Why isn't granola typically a healthy food choice?
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Exercise lowers "bad" cholesterol.
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