Quiz: The Foods and Drinks that Contribute to a Toothless Grin
The Foods and Drinks that Contribute to a Toothless Grin
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Not every food or drink is bad for your pearly whites. So do you think you know what foods are good and what aren't for your molars? Test your knowledge to see if you know what's best with our quiz.

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Which beverage contains as much sugar as a candy bar?
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The sugar in which of these fruits is notorious for sticking to your teeth?
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What teeth are named this because they emerge later in life?
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What can you do after drinking a soft drink to remove residue from your teeth?
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A 12 oz (355 ml) can of Coca-Cola has about how many grams of sugar?
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Munching on which of these foods after eating sticky candy helps clean the teeth of sugary residue?
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Cavities are the most common chronic disease among which of these individuals?
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Which of these foods clings to your teeth the most and is most likely to cause tooth decay?
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Which of these foods could potentially crack your tooth?
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One out of every number of these beverages consumed in the United States is a soft drink?
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Which dairy product without added sugar helps stimulate salvia?
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Which vitamin is essential for collagen?
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Which drinks contain polyphenols, which are great for killing or surpressing bacteria harmful to teeth?
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Which beverage is bad for tooth enamel?
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True or False: Sucking on citrus fruits is NOT bad for the teeth
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True or False: Water can be used as a mouthwash
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What length of time should you wait to eat between meals and snacks?
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True or False: Drinking frequent cups of sugar-filled tea or coffee increases the risks of tooth decay
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