Quiz: Forever Young: The Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Quiz
Forever Young: The Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

While genetics have a lot to do with how well we maintain our youthful glow, there's actually a lot we can do to age gracefully. Test your anti-aging hack knowledge with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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Eating a lot of _______ is good for your skin.
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Whitening your teeth will make you look youger: True or False?
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Which of these makeup tricks can take years off of your face?
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Which of these foods ages you?
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What should you drink to improve your skin?
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Which of these skin care ingredients dramatically de-ages skin?
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What's the minimum SPF you need for sun protection?
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Which of these things ages you?
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Which often neglected part of the body shows signs of aging quickly?
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It is most important to protect your skin from:
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Which of these parts of your body usually shows signs of aging first?
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Sleeping regularly is good for your skin: True or false?
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Which way of sleeping is best for your skin?
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As you get older your pores:
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How often should you reapply sunscreen during a day at the beach?
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Is it true that only people with pale skin need to use sunscreen?
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When should you stop drinking coffee during the day to ensure you get the best sleep possible?
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Is exercising before bed conducive to sleep?
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Use skin care that contains ____________.
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Which of these natural ingredients are antioxidants that can benefit your skin?
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Retinol reduces fine lines over time but can also _________ your skin.
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Is touching the skin around your eyes too much bad for it?
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Drinking which of these things negatively affects your skin?
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Does squinting contribute to lines around the eyes?
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Which of these things can create premature lines around the mouth?
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Can resting your chin on your hand age your skin?
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Can your cotton pillowcase age you?
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What can age your face just as much as wrinkles?
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A glycolic peel can help _____________ skin.
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A skin care routine focused on anti-aging should involve _________ in the morning and retinol at night.
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Don't forget to exfoliate your _________.
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How much foundation is best for a youthful appearance?
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What vitamin should you both ingest and put on your face for anti-aging?
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What precious metal is a common skin care ingredient?
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What works best on clogged pores?
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