Quiz: The Forgotten U.S. Presidents Quiz
The Forgotten U.S. Presidents Quiz
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If you need to know your Taylor from your Tyler and your William Henry from your Benjamin, you're in luck. Take our Forgotten U.S. Presidents quiz to impress people at cocktail parties with facts about our bygone bosses.

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There's more than one way to define "forgotten." And "president," turns out -- name the man who some claim is the REAL first president of the United States.
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So he really WAS the first president of the United States?
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How many people held the office of president from 1781-1789, before the United States Constitution was ratified and Washington elected?
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What was another -- more famous -- president, from 1785-1786?
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Let's move on to real, elected -- yet still forgettable --presidents of the United States. Which Harrison served as the president?
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Who was the elder Harrison?
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WH Harrison has the distinction of being the president with the shortest:
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Benjamin Harrison beat out what other not-so-memorable president to win office?
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Who defeated Harrison after his first term?
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Grover Cleveland was elected to what other office before president?
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Who was James Buchanan famous for marrying?
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James Garfield died after how many days as president?
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Which president -- who supported the Fugitive Slave Act, among other things -- found himself on the wrong side of civil rights history?
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Zachary Taylor was elected to office based on his service as a general in what war:
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Taylor died in office from what:
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Who became president upon Taylor's death?
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Rutherford B. Hayes ran for president as a:
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Martin Van Buren was given what sad nickname?
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Who took office after McKinley's assassination?
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What does the G stand for in Warren G. Harding?
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Harding left office due to what?
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Which president married while in the White House?
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What presidents are named in "The Mediocre Presidents" song from "The Simpsons?"
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