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So you fancy yourself quite the monster movie fan, eh? Well let's see how well you know your "Frankenstein" movies. In this quiz, you'll have to match monsters to makers, actors to actor across more than a century's worth of films inspired by Mary Shelly's classic novel.

Let's kick this quiz off right with the iconic 1931 film "Frankenstein." Colin Clive plays the scientist. Who stars as the monster?

The novel "Frankenstein" describes an articulate and graceful creature, but Boris Karloff's daft, lumbering monster has become part of popular culture.


Karloff reprised his role as the monster in two sequels, including 1939's "Son of Frankenstein." Which actor, also known for playing Sherlock Holmes, took the role of the titular son, Baron Wolf von Frankenstein?

None other than Basil Rathbone faced off against the monster in "Son of Frankenstein." That same year, he starred in the first of many Sherlock Holmes films.


Speaking of Peter Cushing, he played Victor Frankenstein for the first of many times in the 1957 Hammer horror film "The Curse of Frankenstein." Who was the monster?

Christopher Lee played the monster in Hammer Film's first Frankenstein movie. David Prowse (of Darth Vader fame) stepped up as the monster in two additional films.


A 1968 episode of the British TV show "Mystery and Imagination" featured the same "Lord of the Rings" actor as both Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster. Who was it?

In this adaptation, Ian Holm plays a rather self-obsessed Victor Frankenstein, as he makes the monster in his own image -- except with hideous scars.


Mel Brooks' 1974 comedy "Young Frankenstein" takes a funny stab at the classic horror tale. Who played the monster to Gene Wilder's Frankenstein?

While all three men acted in Mel Brooks' films, Peter Boyle was the guy terrifying villagers in this movie.


The 1985 film "The Bride" headlined Clancy Brown as the monster and which British rock star as Frankenstein?

Fresh off a villainous role in 1984's "Dune," Sting plays a Frankenstein who actually falls in love with his creation -- no Clancy Brown's monster, however, but a beautiful, synthetic bride played by Jennifer Beals.


Horror veteran Roger Corman directed an adaptation of the Brian Aldiss novel "Frankenstein Unbound," in which a time traveler meets Victor Frankenstein. Nick Brimble acted as the monster. Who was Frankenstein?

Raul Julia played Victor Frankenstein, while John Hurt starred as the time traveler. Jason Patric appears as the poet Lord George Gordon Byron, a real-life friend of "Frankenstein" author Mary Shelley.


Patrick Bergin played Victor Frankenstein in a 1992 TV movie. Which American actor stepped up as the monster?

Randy Quaid played the monster in the 1992 adaptation by David Wickes, which featured many elements from the original novel.


Speaking of Robert De Niro, he took a turn as the monster in 1994's "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein." Which actor did a spin as his creator?

"Mary's Shelley's Frankenstein" featured all three actors, but director Kenneth Branagh cast himself in the lead.


A 2011 episode of the U.K.'s National Theatre Live featured a stage production of "Frankenstein" directed by Danny Boyle. Which British actor played both Victor Frankenstein and the monster?

Taking a page from Ian Holms' playbook, Benedict Cumberbatch of "Sherlock" fame stars as both monster and maker. If that's not confusing enough, Johnny Lee Miller also plays both characters in the same production.


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