Quiz: Freak Show Quiz
Freak Show Quiz
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They were peculiar, and sometimes horrifying, but what was really wrong with them? Test your knowledge of some famous circus "freaks" in this seven-question quiz.

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"Bearded Ladies" were a common attraction in the fairground freak shows, as were other hairy acts such as Jo-Jo the Dog-faced Boy. What was the medical condition most likely responsible for this affliction?
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Joseph Merrick believed that his appearance might have been shaped to some extent when his mother was pushed under an elephant during a circus parade while she was pregnant with him. What is another example of an unusual animal-like condition supposedly caused by traumatic circumstances?
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Billed as the "World's Strangest Married Couple" were Emmett, the Alligator-skinned Man, and Percilla, the Monkey Girl. What medical condition did the alligator-skinned man most likely have?
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Were some circus "freaks" intentionally created -- or even sold by their parents -- to enter shows so they could earn a living?
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A "Pin Head" was sometimes advertised in circuses as "Darwin's Missing Link" or an "Ancient Aztec Child." What was the medical condition responsible for this abnormality?
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The freak show performer known as the "Frog Man" had what medical condition?
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Were so-called circus freaks usually childless, because of their deformities?
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