Quiz: The French History Quiz
The French History Quiz
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Think you know your Louis XIV from your Louis XVIII, your Mitterrand from your Chirac? Take this French history quiz to find out.

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What was it called before that?
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Who controlled Gaul before the Franks took over?
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Who were the first kings of France?
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What title did King Charlemagne obtain in the year 800?
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There was something of a power vacuum when Charlemagne's three grandsons were left in charge for various reasons. The grandsons in question were Lothar, Louis the _____ and Charles the ______.
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What name did the Vikings give to the area they conquered and colonized in the 10th and 11th centuries?
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For roughly 350 years, starting around 1000, this line of kings controlled the area around Paris.
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What was the deciding battle when William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066?
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In the Hundred Years' War against England, the English House of Plantagenet battled the French House of _________.
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In which major battle did Joan of Arc lead France to victory?
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In 1598, the Edict of Nantes gave religious freedom to this group of French Protestants.
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Which French king established absolute monarchy during his reign?
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What was Louis XIV's nickname?
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The storming of this prison by a Parisian mob marked the start of the French Revolution.
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When is Bastille Day?
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The next month, the National Constituent Assembly passed the Declaration of ________, which strove to give all citizens equal status.
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The conflict between the Girondins and this other French political group was the cause of the Reign of Terror in 1793 and 1794.
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Who engineered a coup in 1799 and became the emperor of the French in 1804?
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Where was Napoleon defeated?
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Which royal family was restored to power after Napoleon was exiled again?
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When was World War II hero Charles de Gaulle elected president?
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Which was NEVER a French colony or occupied by the French?
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Who was the first female prime minister of France?
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Who was the longest-serving president of France?
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In 2012, Francois Hollande was sworn in as the first French president from this party in 17 years.
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What is the name of the French magazine that was targeted by Islamic terrorists in 2015?
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How many people were killed in the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris?
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