Quiz: The French Revolution Quiz
The French Revolution Quiz
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It is often called a turning point in the history of humankind, sowing the seeds for democracy and freedom for individuals. How much do you know about the French Revolution?

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Which king was largely responsible for the out-of-control spending that nearly sent France into bankruptcy at the end of the 18th century?
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What faction made up the "third estate?"
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Which event is often considered the spark that set the French Revolution in full motion?
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How many of the rebellious mob were killed as they stormed the Bastille?
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In 1792, the king was arrested by which group?
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Which group made up the "first estate?"
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Which group made up the "second estate?"
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What sorts of people were singled out and killed during the Reign of Terror?
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About how many people may have been executed during the Reign of Terror?
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If a person was convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal, what was likely to be the next thing that happened to them?
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The revolution brought an end to how many years of continual rule by monarchy?
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What happened to the body of Marie Louise of Savoy, who had been a friend of the queen?
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After the adoption of the first constitution on Sep. 3, 1791, which powers did the king NOT retain?
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Which person is often described as a driving force behind the Reign of Terror?
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What was the nickname for the guillotine?
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The guillotine was in use in France until what year?
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What problem plagued the new "Directory" that was established by the 1795 constitution?
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Which group sparked the Reign of Terror?
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The death of which person triggered the Thermidorian Reaction?
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What was the name of the document signed by the National Constituent Assembly in 1789?
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Which American had a hand in the content and tone of the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen?"
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Of what crime was King Louis XVI found guilty?
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What sort of government did France wind up with at the end of the Revolution?
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