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Fancy yourself an herb expert? Take this fresh herb quiz to test your chops in all things herbal.

What's the best way to dry high-moisture herbs like basil and oregano?

Basil and oregano tend to mold if they don't dry out quickly, so the oven or microwave are the best methods for drying these herbs.


What's the best way to dry low-moisture herbs like rosemary and thyme?

Thyme and rosemary have lower moisture content than other herbs, so they're perfect for hanging in your kitchen to dry over time.


Which of these herbs loses its flavor when dried?

Basil and rosemary both make great dried herbs, but cilantro tends to become flavorless, so it's best used fresh.


How should you store herbs once they're dried?

Dried herbs can be stored in your kitchen cabinets. Just make sure they live in an airtight container.


Which of these herbs tends to turn black in the freezer?

Fresh herbs tend to resemble each other once they're frozen with the exception of basil, which turns black.


Which of these herbs is often added to a dish without being cooked?

Rosemary and thyme have harder leaves, which means they can withstand higher temperatures and a longer cooking time. Cilantro is usually added at the end or simply served raw on top.


Which of these herbs don't need soil when grown indoors?

Lemongrass is a super easy herb to grow indoors. You can just put a stalk of lemongrass in some water and it will keep producing more stalks.


True or False: Herbs don't have a smell when frozen.

It's a good idea to label frozen herbs well because they tend to look alike once they're frozen and they don't have much of a smell until they thaw.


When freezing herbs in ice cube trays, which of these should you use?

Technically, you could use water or olive oil as a base for your frozen herbs. Just know that different types and brands of olive oil have different freezing points.


Which of these oils are best for infusing herbs?

Both olive oil and safflower oil are great for infusing herbs for cooking.


What's the cellulose produced by the bacteria in vinegar called?

Sometimes there are unfermented sugars left in vinegar. If you find this cloudy substance known as Mother in yours, simply use a strainer to remove her.


Which of these fresh herbs should not be stored in the refrigerator?

Cilantro thrives in a cool environment and parsley is fine either way, but basil is averse to cold temperatures.


If you want to turn your white vinegar pink, which of these herbs should you use?

Chive blossoms give white vinegar a pleasant, pink tinge if left to sit for a couple of weeks.


Which of these foods require bacteria in its production?

It's hard to believe that so many foods we love require something we try to avoid in their creation. You can add cheese, yogurt and wine to that list, too.


True or False: Infusing herbs in oil or vinegar requires cooking them together.

All you have to do to infuse herbs in oil or vinegar is fill a jar 1/3 full of herbs, pour the oil or vinegar over them and let it sit for a couple of weeks. No cooking required.


Which of these foods cannot be made into vinegar?

Vinegar can be made from foods that have a certain amount of sugar, which includes any fruit. But asparagus certainly tastes great when pickled in vinegar.


If you're storing fresh herbs in the fridge, what should you cover them with?

A plastic bag will help keep your fresh herbs from wilting when stored in the refrigerator.


Which of these herbs is the easiest to grow indoors?

Mint is easy to grow and a little goes a long way. Just be sure to grow it in its own container because it's an invasive plant.


Which of these herbs is the toughest to grow indoors?

Cilantro is picky about temperature and it tends to bolt, which means it grows flowers instead of leaves. Fortunately, it's prevalent and cheap at most grocery stores.


What seed does cilantro come from?

While the seed is called coriander, the leaves of this plant are called cilantro.


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