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There is a popular belief that toads cause warts. Although there is no scientific reason for this, there may be something in the appearance of the toad that gives this idea. Take this quiz and learn more about the toad.

Why did Australia import giant cane toads from Hawaii in 1935?

They were imported to combat a plague of cane beetles.


Were they successful?

Not at all. Instead of combating the cane beetles as intended, they began to wreak havoc.


By 2008, what was the estimated cane toad population?

In 2008, the descendants of the original 101 numbered in the billions.


Okay, so there are a lot of cane toads. Why is that such a problem?

Apart from the unsettling thought that these numerous, huge toads are on the move toward major cities, the bigger problem is that these toads are poisonous to many animals.


Normally in nature every species has a natural predator and so a balance is maintained. Why does this not seem to apply to the cane toads?

Since they are relatively new to Australia, other animals have not yet figured out how to deal with these extremely poisonous toads.


What is the one thing Australians do not have to fear from these toads?

They don't have to fear an outbreak of warts, since toads, regardless of type, do not cause warts.


What started the idea that toads cause warts?

Toads have bumps on their backs that resemble warts and these together with the slimy feel of the toads probably gave rise to the belief.


If toads don't cause warts what does?

A virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts.


What was one of the bizarre and unfounded cures for warts?

One theory, or old wives' tale, stated that burying a cat at midnight would cure warts.


What else can HPV cause?

A sexually transmitted strain can cause cervical cancer in women.


How many people in the U.S. are infected with some form of HPV?

Estimates are about 20 million, although most are mild forms such as warts.


What caused the controversy in 2007 regarding the campaign for mandatory inoculation against HPV?

It was caused by the revelation that the campaign was partially funded by the company producing the only FDA-approved vaccine.


Following these revelations, what happened?

The benefits outweighed the controversy and by the end of 2008, 41 states had legislated mandatory HPV inoculation


What threat do warts pose to humans?

No real threat, but they are bothersome from an esthetic point of view.


What is one of the more popular forms of wart removal?

Cryotherapy involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart off.


So we know toads don't cause warts, but why should you think twice about picking up a toad?

Apart from the defensive poisons they secrete, toads have a habit of urinating when a human picks them up.


Are warts contagious?

They are: HPV is easily transferred from person to person.


Can a blister beetle be of use in the treatment of warts?

The extract from a blister beetle creates a blister around the wart and once the blister falls off, the wart goes with it.


Getting back to the cane toad, what can you learn from its introduction to Australia?

Introducing a non-native species can disrupt an ecosystem.


Just how big are the cane toads?

They can reach two pounds (0.9 kilograms).


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