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Cutting back doesn't have to mean feeling deprived. With a little bit of frugal know-how, you can reign in the spending and still run a happy household. Think you're a budgetary guru? Find out with our quiz!

How much does the average American household spend yearly on nonessentials?

The average household in the U.S. spends $8,000 for nonessentials -- assuming an income of $63,000. That's quite a chunk.


Which category represented the largest expenditure of nonessential items?

Eating out in restaurants consumed $2,619 of the nonessential budget.


Which is more expensive: cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

While the initial investment is higher with cloth diapers, over time they average out to cost much less than disposables that you have to buy every week.


True or False: Eating in saves money, but it takes too much time.

While cooking at home can be very involved, you can save a lot of time by whipping up big meals on the weekend and portioning them out all week long.


How much do Americans spend on reading material each year?

A paltry $109 was spent by the average American household on reading material. Let's hope it's because they're getting books from the library.


Where is the best place for craft supplies on a budget?

From junk mail and paper towel tubes to leaves and sticks, your recycle bin and yard are full of items that kids can craft with.


Which of these can help you save money on meals?

Animal protein costs around $2-$3 per pound, where vegetable proteins like beans cost less than $1 per pound.


How much can you reduce your energy bill by sealing air leaks?

Older homes generally see more savings, as much as 30 percent, since they tend to be draftier.


How can you find out where you're wasting energy in your home?

Many utility companies will perform a home energy audit for free and send you detailed results on what you need to repair to save money on your energy bill.


What is a naked lady party?

At a “naked lady party,” a group of girlfriends gets together after cleaning out their closets to swap clothes.


Which place generally has the lowest prices on baby formula?

Big box stores generally have the best prices -- about 16 percent less than supermarkets. Drugstores are the most expensive of the three.


True or False: When you're on a strict budget you should never buy luxuries.

Occasionally indulging in something you enjoy, like take-out dinner or a mani-pedi, actually improves your willpower to stick to your budget the rest of the time. Just make sure that those treats are occasional.


What can you make out of baking soda and vinegar?

Baking soda is great for scouring, and vinegar helps disinfect. And if you put them together in your sink, you get a small volcano as well as an unclogged drain.


Which costs more?

Dried beans cost less than a dollar a pound, while a can of beans averages 60 cents. Since a pound of beans makes 6 cups when you cook it, you're paying half as much per cup when you buy dried!


Dried beans cost less, but they take much longer to cook! What's the best solution?

Soaking your beans can cut the cooking time down considerably.


What's the downside to cloth diapering?

Cloth diapers have come a long way, and you don't really need a diaper service to use them. However, if your child is in diapers at daycare, the staff may not have time for the extra steps to clean cloth diapers.


What's the cheapest of these protein sources?

Pound for pound, beans cost around half the price of chicken or tofu.


True or False: A vegetarian diet is expensive.

If you're eating mostly beans, grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables a vegetarian diet is very budget-friendly. It's when you start adding in fake meats that things get expensive.


How often is it OK to treat yourself when you're budgeting?

Depending on how tight your budget is and what you're splurging on, this can vary greatly. Crunch the numbers to see exactly how long you need to save to afford that treat you've been eyeing.


What does the average household spend each year on tickets to movies and events?

At more than $600 per year, Americans spend 1.3 percent of their household budgets just on tickets to entertainment events.


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