Quiz: Quiz: Fuel Saving Without Gimmicks
Quiz: Fuel Saving Without Gimmicks
By: Staff
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With gas prices going up, it seems that everyone has advice on how to save at the pump. Whether we're talking fuel-saving driving techniques or technologies, there are as many myths out there as there is sound advice on saving on gas.

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True or false: "Hypermiling" is a fuel-saving driving method that involves driving at high speeds to travel as many miles as possible on a gallon of gas.
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Which of these driving techniques will NOT help increase your car's gas mileage?
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True or false: Smaller cars get better gas mileage than larger ones.
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How much does a typical vegetable oil conversion kit for a diesel engine cost?
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There are a lot of fuel-saving myths out there. Which of these tips actually works?
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True or false: Running the air conditioning reduces your car's fuel economy. You should always opt for windows instead.
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Some fuel-saving techniques are downright unsafe. Which of these will save you fuel but also put your safety at risk?
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Which of these products can help you save on fuel?
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True or false: Warming up your car on cold days by letting it idle in the driveway while you get ready will help you save fuel.
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How much can you save a year by trading in a car that gets 20 miles to the gallon for one that gets 30 miles to the gallon?
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