Quiz: The Ultimate Fun Fixes for Problems Quiz
The Ultimate Fun Fixes for Problems Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Magnetic paint and chalkboard paint are just two of the many ideas you can implement in your home for fun ways to solve everyday hassles. But to really avoid hassle, take this quiz on fun fixes for everyday problems.

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Your kids are so creative, they want to paint the town red. What can you provide in your own home to keep them off the walls?
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How can you stick artwork on your walls without using scotch tape and the like?
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In a bedroom, how can you hang pictures on magnetic paint?
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What is the advantage of using magnetic paint in a bedroom?
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If you put chalkboard paint on your wall, what do you get?
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What do you do if you want to frame your wall-size chalkboard?
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What's the best way to keep your home chalkboard clean?
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