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There has been a debate for years about the use of animal fur for garments. Without taking sides, let's look at the facts. Take this quiz to learn more about this subject.

What is fur?

Fur is the hairy covering of certain mammals. It consists of two layers: the underfur, the soft curly hair next to the skin, and the longer, stiffer guard hair.


What purpose does the fur of an animal serve?

Fur keeps animals warm, because the hairs keep a layer of air that provides insulation against the cold.


How can you tell a good quality fur?

A good quality fur is luminous and uniform in color and texture.


What is required by law regarding labeling a fur?

The law requires the label to state the name of the animal, whether it has been dyed and the country of origin.


When is the best fur taken?

The best time is soon after the animal reaches maturity.


Which of these countries is the chief exporter of furs?

Among the chief exporters are the Scandinavian countries, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.


Where do the pelts for the fur trade come from?

Animals are bred for their fur or are trapped.


What are the most important trapping areas in the United States?

Alaska and Louisiana are the main areas.


What is the source of most of the furs in the United States fur industry?

About 90 percent come from fur farms.


Is there any regulation of the trapping trade?

State and provincial governments closely regulate the trapping trade.


How does a fur farm operate?

Animals selected for pelts are placed in individual enclosures and fed a balanced diet until their fur reaches its prime.


How do fur farmers usually sell their pelts?

They generally sell them at auction.


Where do trappers usually sell their pelts?

Trappers sell their pelts to country stores or to dealers.


How difficult is it to get a permit to trap bears?

Extremely -- bears are an endangered species and trade in their furs is prohibited.


What do animal-rights advocates demand?

They oppose the use of furs of any type.


How are pelts preserved?

They are first stretched and dried


What does soaking in saltwater do?

It softens the skin and stops bacterial action.


How are the pelts softened?

They are rubbed in an oil compound and then placed in a drum known as a "kicker" to be softened by beating.


Why are furs usually dyed?

To eliminate the work of matching skins or to resemble more valuable furs.


What do furriers recommend to preserve the appearance of the fur?

They recommend glazing -- wetting and ironing -- to increase luster.


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