Quiz: The Ultimate Furnace Cleaning Quiz
The Ultimate Furnace Cleaning Quiz
By: Staff
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Your furnace has the tough job of continuously keeping the air in your home warm. Your furnace, therefore, requires some tender loving care for continued efficiency. Not only should you change or clean your furnace filter regularly, you should also clean the interior of your furnace.

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Regular furnace cleaning can reduce your energy costs by:
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What do you need to clean a permanent furnace filter?
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What is the most important part of the furnace that needs regular cleaning?
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How often should you clean your furnace?
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What should you do after you cut off your furnaces electricity and/or gas?
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How do you clean a outdoor furnace unit?
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What part of the furnace should be cleaned with a toothpick or toothbrush?
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How often should a furnace be oiled if it has oil ports?
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Besides reducing your heating bills, what's another advantage of regularly cleaning your furnace?
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What should you wear when cleaning your furnace?
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What tool from your toolbox will you need to clean your furnace?
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How much does it cost for a professional to clean your furnace?
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