Quiz: The Ultimate Furnishing a Small Space Quiz
The Ultimate Furnishing a Small Space Quiz
By: Staff
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Concern for our environment, escalating energy costs and the cost of living helped you arrive at the decision to downsize your living space. Now that you have a smaller home or even if you have decided to remain where you are, you want to make your space feel bigger. Do you know how to make the necessary changes? Take our quiz and find out now.

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What is a major factor contributing to a trend of building smaller homes?
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What can you do that has a significant impact on making a small place feel like home?
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What is a general rule that a designer will advise you to follow when painting a small room?
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Selecting subtle colors in the correct shade to paint a room can:
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In a small space, what is your goal when you add furnishings and accessories?
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The impact on a person that is achieved with good overall room design is usually considered:
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Well-designed decorating will usually:
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What is a good furnishing trick to help a living room appear larger and uncluttered?
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What is a good choice for chair and sofa design that will give a perception of more space in your living room?
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