Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Give You a Heavy Metal Theme Song

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Would you rather play bass or lead guitar in a band?

Would you rather have lunch with Ozzy Osborne or Dee Snyder?

Would you rather see The Rolling Stones or Judas Priest in concert?

Would you rather watch a horror film or watch an action/adventure movie?

Would you rather hear Katy Perry or Taylor Swift do a Megadeth cover?

Would you rather listen to music digitally or on vinyl?

Would you rather sing Led Zeppelin or AC/DC at karaoke?

Would you rather be a roadie for Poison or for Whitesnake?

Would you rather listen to Slayer or Slipknot?

Would you rather wear earbuds or headphones?

Would you rather see a stadium show or a small venue gig?

Would you rather play guitar like Jimmy Page or like Ted Nugent?

Would you rather drink wine or drink beer?

Would you rather go to a pool party or to a costume party?

Would you rather date Pamela Anderson or Sharon Osborne?

Would you rather party with Skid Row or with System of a Down?

Would you rather bite the head off a bat or a rat?

Would you rather wear black eyeliner or black lipstick?

Would you rather see the first Def Leppard show or the first Guns 'n Roses show?

Would you rather wear leather pants or a leather jacket?

Would you rather wear combat boots or cowboy boots?

Would you prefer to have a mullet or a Mohawk?

Would you prefer to drive a muscle car or a truck?

Would you rather be a movie star or a rock star?

Would you rather go the The Grammys or to the VMAs?

Would you rather play drums or be the singer?

Would you prefer to follow KISS or Twisted Sister?

Would you rather appear on a talk show or appear on a game show?

Would you rather be in the mosh pit or on the stage?

Would you rather listen to punk or listen to country?

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About This Quiz

For this game of "Would You Rather," you are going to want to crank it up to 11 to get yourself in the right frame of mind. By the time you've finished making your choices, we'll be able to give you your heavy metal anthem. It will be the one song that represents you and inspires you to throw up your horns for the rest of your days. 

As we ride the lightning of this "Would You Rather" game, we are going to force you to make some seriously heavy decisions. You might not want think about which animal you would like to bite the head off of, but you have to think in true metal style to earn a theme song fitting for a super fan like you. When you read our question, attack your answer like Dimebag Darrel attacked a lead guitar. Once you make it through our labyrinth, your heavy metal theme song will be ringing clear in our ears.

If you've always wondered which heavy metal song is the theme of your life, you don't need to look any further. All you need to do is channel your energy into our game. Then, you'll know which groove you've made a pact with the devil to call your own.

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