Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Which Time Period You Truly Belong In

Zoe Samuel

Would you rather eat off a plate or off a slice of stale bread?

Would you rather deal with computers you don't understand, or simple tools you don't understand?

Would you rather never speak English again, or never use a toilet again?

Would you rather have bedbugs or live in fear of sharks?

Would you rather have your government turn on you, or have your land turn on you?

Would you rather never have an adventure, or have every day be an adventure?

Would you rather deal with people who believe in witches and the devil, or people who are anti-vaxxers who believe in chemtrails?

Would you rather wait forever for coffee, or wait forever for electricity?

Would you rather live to be very old, or never have to deal with people older than 50?

Would you rather live without enemies in a cave, or in a world with enemies but in a house?

Would you rather die slowly or quickly?

Would you rather not have potatoes ever again, or get judged for your frequent cosplay?

Would you rather be at the mercy of the weather or be at the mercy of a tyrant?

Would you rather need a ton of people to do anything big, or never need to do anything big?

Would you rather have to drink wine all the time, or not have it at all?

Would you rather worry about artillery coming to get you, or swordsmen?

Would you rather worry about disease or starvation?

Would you rather have string instruments or drums?

Would you rather have expert medical advice, or expert philosophical advice?

Would you rather have to walk everywhere, or drive everywhere?

Would you rather feel guilty for buying cheap clothes, or dream of affording purple clothes?

Would you rather live above a fish market or have sirens constantly going past your house?

Would you rather get syphilis or tuberculosis?

Would you rather never have cash on you when you need it or constantly forget your PIN?

Would you rather tread in a puddle that went over your shoe or tread in a horse poo that only covers the sole?

Would you rather live without heating or without air conditioning?

Would you rather never have ice in your drink ever again, or have as much ice as you want, but only in water?

Would you rather have to leave your home state and never come back, or never get to leave your home state, even for a holiday?

Would you rather have no children or seven children?

Would you rather zip your hair into a zipper once or button your genitalia into your trousers several times?

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About This Quiz

Have you ever felt like you were where you belonged, but perhaps not when you belonged? In the process of learning about history, many people come to romanticize certain times and places in history. Sometimes, we get very hung up on a certain decade for its art, fashion, music and culture. Other times, it's a more complex idea married to a prevalent ideology of the day, such as chivalry, The Enlightenment or the abolitionist movement.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which era really is one's favorite. Self knowledge is imperfect, and often we lack the insight to accurately assess our own feelings with clarity. This is why we often regret decisions like when we order food, choose a color for an item of clothing, or pick a vacation destination. This problem is about a lot more than just fear of missing out. It is about how we process our own competing fears and desires. Restaurants often try to make these decisions easier by providing smaller menus, which make it easier for diners to choose without worrying about it.

We devised the ultimate test for which era you truly belong in. Just answer our handy list of "would you rather"s and we'll plug the data into our analysis. This will reveal once and for all how you should set that time machine your neighbor is working on.

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