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Which of the following are important when searching out bargains at garage sales?

Garage sales offer you the chance to find some real treasures. A discriminating eye goes a long way toward separating the junk from the show piece (and don't forget to bring cash).


To get the most out of a garage sale outing, make sure you bring:

You never know how far your outing will take you, so make sure you're prepared. Pack water and a snack and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.


Which of the following will help you determine if a garage sale find will actually fit into your home?

When you set out on a garage outing, be sure to take a tape measure, paint and fabric samples as well as any measurements that are relevant. That way, you will be able to tell if a potential find will really fit into that space in your home you've picked out for it.


How can you tell if a price is fair when shopping at garage sales?

Make sure you do some research before venturing out into the garage sale world. Try checking eBay and other similar Internet sites to get an idea about prices before you buy.


Which of the following types of wood furniture is the most easily salvageable when damaged?

Solid wood furniture can often be salvaged with a little elbow grease and the right cleaning products. Wood veneer and pressed wood furnishings are often beyond repair.


Which popular retro design style loves the type of used furnishings that you might find at a garage sale?

Also known as eclectic elegance, shabby chic makes use of just the sort of treasures you might find at a garage sale. The bumps and scrapes don't matter-- just clean it up and it's shabby chic.


What is the most important thing to check for when thinking about buying a used appliance at a garage sale?

Be sure to check that any appliance, large or small, works before buying. Stick with brand names and go online to check for any recalls.


What's the best way to get the most out of a broken small appliance that you find at a garage sale?

Be creative. Sometimes a broken lamp that looks good can be fixed or a missing piece from a small appliance can be replaced.


A major concern with buying used toys is:

Check for guidelines for cleaning used toys. They recommend using a dishwasher where possible, since dishwasher temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) should kill any germs.


How can you safely clean used stuffed animals?

Leave used stuffed animals in the freezer overnight to kill dust mites and then wash with lots of detergent in your washer's gentle cycle.


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If you love recycling used items that nobody else wants or just love a good bargain, garage sales can yield some real treasures. For some great tips on how to make the most of your garage sale finds, take our fun quiz.

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