Quiz: The Ultimate Garden Party Quiz
The Ultimate Garden Party Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

These spring garden party ideas will make you want to celebrate. Take this quiz and find out how many spring garden party ideas you can use.

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How can you personalize a readymade invitation so it will set the tone for a spring garden party?
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Which party favor is the best choice to send your guests home with a bit of spring?
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A festive way to decorate your garden is with inexpensive spring-colored birdhouses. When the party is over, what is a good use for the birdhouses?
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If you are hosting a casual garden party, what type of table setting should you use?
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If your garden party is a white tablecloth affair with fancy dress code, how should you set the tables?
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How can you use your homegrown fruits and vegetables to decorate the tables at your garden party?
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What is a budget-minded alternative to a fully stocked bar?
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What is a good cold soup to serve at a spring garden party?
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What fun lawn game is played with a birdie?
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What lawn game was developed in Italy?
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If you host your garden party in a public park, what should you do before you bring out the beer?
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If you don't have a garden, what other outdoor locations are suitable party places?
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You will want to coordinate the party attire with the menu. What type of clothing is suitable for a casual burger meal?
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Don't forget to arrange music at your garden party. For a casual BBQ, what is a good music choice?
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If your party is at night, a fire pit can create great lighting and be used to make what desert?
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Grilling burgers is popular for garden parties. What temperature is recommended for safely grilling ground beef?
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Which Christmas decoration would be useful for an evening garden party?
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