Quiz: The Ultimate Gas vs. Electric Cooking Quiz
The Ultimate Gas vs. Electric Cooking Quiz
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There is an age-old debate about what is more energy efficient for cooking: gas or electricity. Whatever energy source you prefer for cooking, one is bound to cost less. Check out this quiz and decide for yourself.

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According to U.S. Department of Energy estimates, how much energy is used at home for cooking?
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What appliance usually uses the most energy?
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How much of our energy consumption is concentrated in the kitchen and laundry room?
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Which is more energy efficient, a gas or electric cooker?
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How many units of fuel are required to create one unit of power?
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What kind of stove is regarded is considered as more efficient?
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How much heat does an induction stove transfer to a pot?
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Is there any drawback to considering the purchase of an induction stove?
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What is a simple tip for reducing cooking time?
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What else can affect the cooking time of a particular food?
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What is the most energy-efficient cooking appliance?
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If the previous appliance is so energy efficient, why not use it for almost everything?
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What is best for making a small meal?
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