Gender Predictor: Will I Have a Boy or a Girl?

Tori Highley

How is your morning sickness?

Do you have that pregnant woman glow?

In your second trimester, what position have you been sleeping in?

How fast does your baby's heart beat?

How potent has your appetite for lovemaking been?

Where is your body carrying the baby?

How active have you been during your pregnancy?

Which of these pregnancy symptoms has been the worst for you?

Which of these fertility omens have you encountered most recently?

How would your significant other describe your mood swings?

How has your bosom blossomed this pregnancy?

Has your hair changed at all?

How comfortable has your skin been?

Do your feet feel like they have been in a snowstorm?

Are your new mommy migraines making an early entrance?

Is your partner packing on the pregnancy pounds as well?

How hairy are your legs and lady bits?

When you wake up to pee for the fourth or fifth time, what color is it?

How far up your belly does your pregnancy line go?

When did your baby turn into a womb kicker?

When you show your hands, which way do you face them?

Have your dreams told you the gender of your baby?

Which banned food have you been missing the most?

What kinds of food are you craving most?

What time of the day do you think you conceived?

What does your motherly intuition tell you about the gender of your sweet baby?

How hungry have you been?

How does it feel when you press on your belly?

Where are most of your stretch marks located?

If you have been around very young children, what did they say it would be?

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About This Quiz

After 40 weeks of your body growing and aching, you will welcome a baby into this world. All of the heartburn, constipation, frequent pee breaks, and strange cravings will be worth it when you get to hold your sweet baby in your arms. In the meantime, you might as well have fun with the pregnancy while you can! From throwing a baby shower to taking maternity photos, there are tons of ways to celebrate the impending arrival of your bundle of joy. 

While the only way to know the gender of your baby is to meet them in person, it can be a lot of fun to try to find out beforehand! Whether accurate or not, there are tons of ways that people have predicted gender throughout the years. Since you are only pregnant with this baby for nine months, you should have fun trying out the old wives' tricks with your partner and friends. 

We know that everyone is asking you that one question: what are you having? With our quiz, you can shortcut all of those tricks and tips to find out who your baby will be. Whether you are growing a giddy girl or a bubbly boy, our quiz uses every trick of the trade to predict the sex of your growing baby. 

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