Quiz: Generation X: Are You a True Gen X-er?
Generation X: Are You a True Gen X-er?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

You might have been born into Generation X, but are you a Generation Xer for real? This is one generation that is known to be a bunch of independent thinkers, even though they might have been calling each other slackers and listening to grunge, they also were doing a lot of very impressive things that changed the world, especially when it came to technology. YouTube, Google, and Amazon.com all came from the minds and hard work of people from that generation.

What about you? Were you born into Generation X but feel like you should have been born in another time instead? Or maybe you weren't born into Generation X, but feel like you should have been? Do you dig Doc Martens and did you go see the movie "Clerks?" Were you good at Pac Man? Do you remember exactly where you were when Kurt Cobain died? 

Could you teach a class on the movies of John Hughes? Do you call everyone "dude," even when the person is female? Do you still feel totally young, even though you're pushing 50? If you answered yes to some or all of those questions, you might just be a true member of Generation X. Take this quiz to find out for sure.

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