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Do you remember the scavenger hunts you went on when you were a kid? The modern version, called geocaching, is a lot more intense and a lot more fun as well. The use of technology and the presence of an ever-expanding family of participants has turned geocaching into the game of the future. Take our quiz to learn more about the game that's sweeping the globe: geocaching.

Which of these phrases most accurately describes geocaching?

Geocaching is basically a kind of hi-tech treasure hunt.


What is the main tool of a geocacher?

The primary tool used in geocaching is a GPS receiver that enables you to hunt down the container you're trying to find.


How would you define Selective Availability?

Selective Availability was a method used by the Federal Government to ensure the imperfection of civilian GPS signals.


Why did the U.S. government institute the practice of Selective Availability?

The military wanted to have an advantage in GPS accuracy, to keep sensitive areas and missions more secure, so it introduced inaccurate signals into civilian GPS networks.


How inaccurate could a GPS signal be with Selective Availability?

Selective Availability rendered most GPS signals inaccurate by as much as 300 feet, which makes hunting for a small item extremely difficult.


In which year did the government do away with Selective Availability?

By the year 2000 the military had developed scrambling technology that obviated the need for Selective Availability.


How accurate are modern GPS systems?

Without Selective Availability to interfere with GPS accuracy, you can usually locate yourself to within six to 20 feet (1.8 to 6 meters).


Who was the father of geocaching?

A man by the name of David Ulmer decided to test the accuracy of a GPS signal by hiding some stuff and telling people on the Internet the coordinates.


How long did it take the first geocachers to find Ulmer's hidden cache?

Within three days the cache was found, first by Mike Teague, then by another GPS enthusiast, neither of whom moved the cache from its location.


Which of these individuals came up with the term geocaching?

Mike Stum, another GPS enthusiast, suggested changing the name of the game from "GPS Stash Hunt" to "Geocaching."


Which of these statements best defines a waypoint?

Your waypoint is your goal destination; when you enter the coordinates you wish to reach into a GPS receiver it sets that location as a waypoint.


What does WGS84 stand for?

GPS receivers have a store of information based on the World Geodetic System of 1984, or WGS84.


What is a hitchhiker cache?

Many caches will include a small item that is intended to be taken by the finder and hidden in a different location.


What is the name of the company that runs, a major Web-site in the world of geocaching, is managed by the company Groundspeak, which also produces travel bugs.


What is a travel bug?

A travel bug is a tag that many geocachers place on items of interest in the cache. Once the item is found, the tracking number is entered into's site and the hunt continues!


What do geocachers mean when they refer to a spoiler?

The last thing a geocacher wants is to be told the location of an item before he or she has found it. They refer to any information that reveals the cache's location as a spoiler.


How do geocachers refer to people who do not participate in their sport?

The term "muggle" was first introduced by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series to refer to a non-magician. Geocachers use the term "geomuggle" to identify those who do not participate in their sport.


What does it mean when someone writes FTF in a logbook?

Geocachers consider it a badge of honor to be the first to find (FTF) a particular cache, and will write FTF in the log book to that end.


Which American city used geocaching to promote its King Tut display?

Philadelphia encouraged geocachers to hunt for 12 caches related to the Franklin Mint's King Tut display.


Which of these federal agencies has banned geocaching on any area under its control?

The National Park Service has argued that many of the areas under its purview are too fragile to allow geocaching, and has banned the game on any of its locations.


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