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What does the word "geodesic" mean?

But actually lopping the Earth in half is not recommended. Geodesic means Earth-dividing in Latin.


Geodesic domes are based on spherical designs that enclose a maximum amount of space using a minimum of what?

They take material efficiency to a higher level, using about 30 percent fewer physical components than rectangular buildings.


Where is the world-famous, iconic geodesic sphere built by Walt Disney located?

It's shaped like a huge, silver orange, which is appropriate, as Spaceship Earth is located at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


Why are dome homes difficult to waterproof?

We like triangles, too, but we don't think they meant for domes to have interior waterfalls. Lots of seams make for difficult waterproofing, as many dome owners have learned ... the hard way.


Where can many people find geodesic domes in their communities?

You'll find children hanging upside down from them at playgrounds. The domes are commonly used as those half-sphere jungle gyms found in parks everywhere.


What's one major annoyance to living in a dome home?

You can almost hear your children think (and that's not necessarily a good thing). Domes transmit sound everywhere, meaning there's very little privacy.


What's the best way to increase living space in a dome home?

They symbolize their inventor's "lofty ideals." Lofts let you build higher toward the ceiling while consuming a minimum of floor space with supports.


What's one of the biggest advantages of geodesic domes?

And they're not susceptible to Kryptonite, either. These domes are very strong and stable yet use a fraction of the building materials that other structures require.


Did you know you can buy your own dome-home kit? How do manufacturers make these kits easy to assemble?

Often, the parts are color-coded for speedy assembly. If you're colorblind, though, you may wind up with a really weird dome.


Who is credited with inventing geodesic domes?

It created a huge sensation throughout his home country, Germany. Walter Bauersfeld built the first dome in Jena.


For what purpose did Walter Bauersfeld construct his geodesic dome?

To infinity and beyond! Bauersfeld's dome ceiling was perfect for projecting maps of stars and planets.


Geodesic domes owe their strength to what structural principle?

He totally just made up that word -- tensegrity. No really, he did. Buckminster Fuller combined the words "tensional" and "integrity" to describe this principle, which can be used to make super-strong buildings.


From what did Buckminister Fuller take much of his inspiration for geodesic design?

Look at this snowflake, man! It's just, like, so cool! Natural shapes inspired Fuller to create efficient geodesic designs, which subsequently inspired many hippies.


What should you do with your framed pictures when you move into a dome?

You might as well get used to not having pictures -- the curved walls of domes mean standard straight frames won't hang easily.


Why are geodesic domes so resistant to earthquakes?

Super-strong construction and a low center of gravity make these buildings nearly indestructible compared to traditional homes.


Which polygon is the basis for geodesic domes?

It's the strongest shape out there. Triangles distribute weight and stress better than any other polygon.


Which geometric shape is made of triangles and is most frequently used to design geodesic domes?

A 20-sided polyhedron, the icosahedron's potential for creating new dome designs is infinite.


The original private dome home, which belonged to Buckminster Fuller, is located where?

It's falling apart, too, thanks to a severe Midwestern storm. Bucky's dome home is located in Carbondale, Ill.


What's one reason domes are nearly impervious to strong winds?

Eaves and soffits are great for shedding water, but the wind grabs them and won't let go. Domes don't have any overhangs.


Why did domes fall out of favor after the 1970s?

They were so cool at the time, though. But the cons became more obvious to more people, and they weren't willing to give up their squarish homes.


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