Quiz: Never Fear the Sphere: The Ultimate Geodesic Dome Quiz
Never Fear the Sphere: The Ultimate Geodesic Dome Quiz
By: Staff
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We promise they aren't the manifestation of some depraved high school math teacher. Geodesic domes are certainly geared toward the mathematically minded, but they also have a lot of practical uses. How much do you know about these domes?

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What does the word "geodesic" mean?
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Geodesic domes are based on spherical designs that enclose a maximum amount of space using a minimum of what?
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Where is the world-famous, iconic geodesic sphere built by Walt Disney located?
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Where can many people find geodesic domes in their communities?
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What's the best way to increase living space in a dome home?
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What's one of the biggest advantages of geodesic domes?
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Did you know you can buy your own dome-home kit? How do manufacturers make these kits easy to assemble?
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Who is credited with inventing geodesic domes?
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Geodesic domes owe their strength to what structural principle?
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From what did Buckminister Fuller take much of his inspiration for geodesic design?
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What should you do with your framed pictures when you move into a dome?
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Which polygon is the basis for geodesic domes?
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Which geometric shape is made of triangles and is most frequently used to design geodesic domes?
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The original private dome home, which belonged to Buckminster Fuller, is located where?
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