Quiz: A Kodak Moment: The George Eastman Quiz
A Kodak Moment: The George Eastman Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Every once in a while, inventors have insights that change the course of major technologies. That's the case with George Eastman, who looked at cameras of his day and realized that there had to be a better way to make pictures. How much do you know about Eastman and his adventures in photography?

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George Eastman is best known for his accomplishments with which subject?
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Eastman created the very first cameras.
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Eastman was born in 1854. What sort of childhood did he have?
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What sort of education did Eastman receive?
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What was the name of the first camera that Eastman designed?
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Eastman's very first job was in what industry?
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Eastman bought his first photography equipment for which purpose?
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Eastman saw plenty of room for improvement in the photo gear he purchased. What did he do next?
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How big was the camera that Eastman bought for his vacation?
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Eastman set about making improvements to which part of the photography process?
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Eastman Kodak was the first name of Eastman's business.
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As his business grew, Eastman had four principles for his company. What was NOT one of the principles?
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Eastman set out to make cameras as convenient as WHAT?
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What advancement did the company introduce in the late 1880s?
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In 1888, the company unveiled a camera preloaded with enough film for 100 exposures. What did customers do with the film after taking all 100 exposures?
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In the late 1970s, Kodak captured what percentage of film sales?
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Finish this George Eastman quote: "You push the button, we WHAT"?
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In 1900, Eastman unveiled a cheap, simple camera intended for quick snapshots. What was it called?
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Eastman was an inventive businessman. As the company grew, how did he treat his employees?
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Eastman earned piles of money with his camera business. He hoarded that money.
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How much money did Eastman donate to charity during his life?
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Eastman was the first American industrialist to employ what sort of full-time employee?
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Eastman was a secret racist.
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In 1919, Eastman decided to give what to his employees?
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Eastman gave many millions of dollars to which cause?
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How did Eastman feel about public life?
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George Eastman changed the way human beings viewed visual information. How did the famous man die?
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