Quiz: Get Inked: A Tattoo History Quiz
Get Inked: A Tattoo History Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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Tattooing has exploded as an art form over the past 20 years, but it's an old practice with a lot of history. Can you stick and poke your way to a high score with some serious tattoo knowledge? Test your tattoo savvy with this HowStuffWorks quiz.

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Humans have been tattooing each other dating back how far?
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What style of tattoos looks like photographs on the skin?
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Which style of tattooing traditionally features koi fish and geishas?
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In which country did a mayor once try to ban tattoos and inspire companies to fire their tattooed employees?
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Which of these religions has a tattoo culture that is thousands of years old?
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Was tattooing a part of life in ancient Egypt?
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Predesigned tattoos that often decorate the walls of tattoo shops are called:
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Tattoos meant to enhance natural beauty are called:
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What do most tattoo artists use to tattoo in modern shops?
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What kind of tattoos started the world of modern tattooing in the West?
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What style of tattoo often features bright splashes of color?
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In which country is tattooing practiced illegally?
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What is the most well-known American gang tattoo?
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As far as we know, who got tattoos in ancient Egypt?
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Tattoos were popular in the Roman Empire until Emperor Constantine adopted:
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What type of tattooing utilizes dots instead of shading?
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Which method do many people use to give themselves long lasting DIY tattoos?
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Which style of tattooing is meant to look like ancient tattoos?
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Henna is a temporary tattoo art that comes from which country?
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Thailand's tattoo culture is unique because of its use of:
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Which style of tattooing focuses entirely on words?
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Which country was famous for its complex prison tattoos for decades?
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Why do certain businesses in Japan ban customers with tattoos?
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How do American prisoners tattoo each other?
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Which style of tattooing draws the most influence from the traditional style?
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In which U.S. state was it illegal to get tattooed until the year 2000?
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Which of these religions is historically anti-tattoo?
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Which style of tattooing is inspired by modern influences, like cartoons?
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Traditional Japanese tattoos are created using what tool?
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Which style of tattooing involves massive detailed black areas as the key design element.
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What colors does modern tattoo ink come in?
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How can tattoos be removed?
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Which famous New Zealand tribe is known for its facial tattoos?
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What tattoo style features symmetrical shapes?
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