Quiz: Get down with this Boogie Nights quiz!
Get down with this Boogie Nights quiz!
By: Bambi Turner
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"Boogie Nights" dove straight into the seedy underbelly of the porn world, putting the struggles and addictions of the industry's stars straight into the harsh glow of the spotlight. Set in the late '70s and filmed in 1997, this flick focused on the rapid rise and brutal fall of porn legend Dirk Diggler, who transformed from eager young nobody to superstar before he flamed out, thanks to an excess of fame, fun and illicit substances. Take our quiz to test your "Boogie Nights" knowledge!

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Who starred as Eddie Adams in the film?
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What is Eddie doing for a living when the film opens?
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What character is played by Burt Reynolds?
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What is the name of the porn star who lives with Jack?
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What is the name of Heather Graham's character in the film?
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What bad habit does Little Bill Thompson's wife have?
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Who is the sound tech with a crush on Dirk?
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True or false: Dirk is close to his mom.
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Who is the first woman Dirk sleeps with on camera?
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What is the name of the character played by Don Cheadle?
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Where does the Colonel first ask to see Dirk's most famous asset?
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What is the name of Dirk's buddy, played by John C. Reilly?
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Who is Dirk's action-star alter ego?
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Who introduces Dirk to cocaine?
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Who dies on New Year's Eve 1979?
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Who replaces Dirk as Jack's newest star?
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What industry do Dirk and Reed go into after splitting with Jack?
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Why is the Colonel sent to prison?
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What change does Floyd Gondolli want to make to Jack's business?
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Who has sex in a limo with Jack watching?
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Who does Jessie St. Vincent marry?
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Where does Buck get the money for his new store?
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True or false: Dirk turns to prostitution to support his cocaine addiction.
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How much do Dirk and his friends make by selling a half-kilo of "cocaine" to Rahad Jackson?
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Who does Dirk go to for help when he hits rock bottom?
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What talent does Reed use to make a living after porn?
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True or false: Rollergirl commits suicide at the end of the film.
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Where is Dirk when the audience finally gets to see his most famous "asset"?
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Which actor did the director originally want to play Eddie?
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True or false: The film was inspired by the rise and fall of John Holmes.
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