Quiz: G.I. Joe! Can you name these action figures?
G.I. Joe! Can you name these action figures?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo

About This Quiz

Superheroes and soldiers are among the fictional characters that action figures represent. Action figures typically have posable limbs and come from many different movies like "Star Wars" and "Batman" and the most of all time being "G. I Joe."

He was named after the World War II nickname for regular soldiers, which was named Government Issued Joe. Invented by Hasbro during the Cold War, the idea behind this action figure was that he was an everyday man, as well as a hero and he had the ability to get the job done himself. What set this particular toy apart from others was its ability for the knees to be bent. This articulation made the G.I Joe toy easy to pose in any stance.

In addition to movies, action figures were also fashioned after characters from comic books, TV programs, and video games. The range of motions in modern ones includes rotating wrists, neck joints, two shoulder joints, two hip joints and a swiveling waist. The market for collecting is a lucrative endeavor, with companies like Toy Biz and DC Direct exclusively selling comic action figures and merchandise.

But are you a collector? Do you think you could name all these action figures from a picture? Let's find out! And don't call them dolls!

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