Quiz: The Global Firepower Quiz
The Global Firepower Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

The Global Firepower (GFP) website quantifies the world's strongest and weakest militaries. How much do you know about military power? Take this quiz to find out.

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Which country deploys more water mines than any other?
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Which country is ranked as having the most powerful military on Earth?
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How many tanks does Israel own?
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The GFP database includes how many countries?
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How many barrels of oil does Russia produce per day?
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How much did all of the world's countries spend on their militaries in 2013?
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About how many factors does the GFP database use to weigh a country's military might?
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Which country's military is ranked the lowest among European powers?
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Which factor does the database purposely omit?
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The United Kingdom is listed as having the No. 1 European military in spite of what?
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The United States has a huge advantage over every country in which category?
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The database does NOT penalize landlocked countries for what?
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What is the total naval strength of the United Kingdom?
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How many aircraft carriers does Japan have?
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What is the approximate total naval strength of the United States?
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How does the database account for a country's current political status?
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Which country has more towed artillery than just about any other nation?
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Which country has the most tanks?
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Roughly how many tanks does Russia have at its disposal?
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Which country falls near the bottom of the GFP list?
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How many total aircraft does Somalia have?
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How many serviceable airports are there in Somalia?
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Which South American country has the most powerful military?
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What is Germany's approximate defense budget?
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About how many people in the United States are fit for service?
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In China about how many people reach military age each year?
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Approximately how many aircraft does the United States have?
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What is the most powerful country in Africa?
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About how many people in China are fit for service?
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Which country's air power ranks lowest?
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