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Which country deploys more water mines than any other?

Russia roughly doubles Japan's mine output.

Which country is ranked as having the most powerful military on Earth?

The U.S. spends far more on military projects and equipment than other countries.

How many tanks does Israel own?

Four thousand one hundred tanks is an incredible amount of firepower for such a tiny nation.

The GFP database includes how many countries?

It currently includes more than 120 countries, and its developers are constantly adding more to the list.

How many barrels of oil does Russia produce per day?

It produces about 11 million barrels per day. The U.S. is the top oil producer, at 13.7 million barrels of oil per day.

How much did all of the world's countries spend on their militaries in 2013?

They spent about $1.7 trillion, an unimaginable amount of money.

About how many factors does the GFP database use to weigh a country's military might?

The analysts use about 50 variables to come up with their results.

Which country's military is ranked the lowest among European powers?

Estonia has six aircraft and no tanks.

Which factor does the database purposely omit?

Nukes are not included in these rankings.

The United Kingdom is listed as having the No. 1 European military in spite of what?

Its small size belies its potent fighting force.

The United States has a huge advantage over every country in which category?

According to GFP, no other country can compete with the U.S. for air superiority.

The database does NOT penalize landlocked countries for what?

Many countries simply don't have access to oceans and don't require a navy.

What is the total naval strength of the United Kingdom?

Seventy-five is low considering the region's traditional naval power.

How many aircraft carriers does Japan have?

Japan has three aircraft carriers, and its total naval strength score is 131.

What is the approximate total naval strength of the United States?

Its total naval strength score is 415. With two huge coasts to protect and an image to project, the U.S. Navy is powerful for a reason

How does the database account for a country's current political status?

It doesn't, although political stability (or lack thereof) is very important.

Which country has more towed artillery than just about any other nation?

Even China can't compete with India's 7,000 artillery pieces.

Which country has the most tanks?

Compared to the rest of the world, Russia is crazy about tanks

Roughly how many tanks does Russia have at its disposal?

It has about 15,000 tanks. That's a third more than China.

Which country falls near the bottom of the GFP list?

Constant internal strife means Somalia doesn't have the time or money to defend itself.

How many total aircraft does Somalia have?

The country's air force would not last long in a battle with its 25 aircraft.

How many serviceable airports are there in Somalia?

Somalia has 61 airports — far more than its 25 aircraft.

Which South American country has the most powerful military?

As an economic powerhouse, Brazil can afford its military expenditures.

What is Germany's approximate defense budget?

With a $40 billion budget, the country's military spending is in the top 10 worldwide.

About how many people in the United States are fit for service?

It has 120 million people fit for service, higher than many nations but far short of No. 1.

In China about how many people reach military age each year?

About 20 million people reach military age every year. The Chinese have huge strength in numbers.

Approximately how many aircraft does the United States have?

It has 13,500 aircraft. Russia is a distant second with 3,500 aircraft.

What is the most powerful country in Africa?

Even with its internal political problems, Egypt has a lot of military might.

About how many people in China are fit for service?

Few countries can even fathom China's depth of manpower.

Which country's air power ranks lowest?

With four planes, Latvia doesn't really have an air force.

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