Quiz: Go on a Fishing Trip and We'll Tell You Which Branch of the Military You're Meant For
Go on a Fishing Trip and We'll Tell You Which Branch of the Military You're Meant For
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Fishing is one of those sports that almost anybody can do. If you're a hale and hearty young fellow who can slog through miles of underbrush to a secret trout stream, cut your own fishing rod from the trees around you and hammer hooks in a fire you built and tended yourself, then catch, gut, and eventually grill your dinner on that same fire, then you're a pretty hardcore fisherman or women. 

However, even if you're very elderly or less physically able; even if you're not into wide open spaces; even if you feel strongly about the ocean versus a lake or river as a place to fish; even if you need all the equipment handed to you and maintained mostly by other people... you can still fish! Sure, you might need a helping hand, and you might do a little more trailing instead of casting, but you can figure out a way to catch your supper.

Similarly, there are many options when it comes to serving in the military. Not everyone who serves has to be a ninja who is capable of parachuting out of a plane at 40,000 feet and then beating up bad guys with your bare hands as you zoom through the skies before landing perfectly on a pre-assigned dot and blowing your enemies to heck. There are ten men or women in support of everyone in the field, after all: engineers, logisticians, quartermasters, medics, and more. Tell us about how you'd fish, and we can probably figure out which of these you should be - and by association, in which branch of the military you belong!

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