Quiz: Go on a Hunting Trip and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You Belong In
Go on a Hunting Trip and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You Belong In
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines! Which one do you belong to? Let's put your brand of tough to the test by going on a hunting trip! Your preparedness levels and your attention to detail will tell us exactly which branch of the military would be right for you. 

No matter which branch of the armed forces you favor, each of them has a strict set of standards and training. By taking a look at the way you would handle the ins and outs of going on a hunting trip, you'll help us match you with the branch you would have the easiest time joining. When you go hunting, do you stay out for weeks or do you come home every night? How much equipment do you take with you? Do you carry survival tools or could you live off the land for years? The answers to all of these things will determine if you should be a Ranger or a Seal!

You won't need camouflage or blaze orange for this quiz, but you do need to dig deep into your primitive instincts. Tell us how you would track a deer, and we'll be able to place you into service for your country. Let's go hunting! 

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