Quiz: Go on a Journey of Self Discovery and Discover Your Totem Animal!
Go on a Journey of Self Discovery and Discover Your Totem Animal!
By: Steven Miller
Image: cogdogblog

About This Quiz

The elders in the community are sure to offer plenty of sound advice as you embark on your voyage of unearthing your true self, but it can also be helpful to have the spirit of an animal by your side. Each person will be drawn to different characteristics, and there is sure to be a creature who matches up perfectly with what you need.

Maybe you're someone who is kind, gentle and generally stays pretty quiet. If so, the deer might be a good fit for you. If you also tell us that you are a highly spiritual person who frequently takes in creation with a sense of awe and wonder, we'll be pretty sure that we've got the right totem animal for you.

On the other hand, perhaps you're someone who is a lot more confident and courageous than that. If you're always soaring to new heights and you inspire others with your ability to overcome obstacles that are set in your path, the eagle could be the right fit for you. Should you tell us that you're highly creative and you have a healing presence about you, then there will be little room left for doubt in your result.

Let's start the process of carving out your totem.

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