Go to a "Say Yes to the Dress" Appointment and We'll Tell You What Kind of Guy You Attract!

Zoe Samuel

After your parents, who is the first person you'll invite to your try-on?

Which close friend do you invite to your try-on?

What celebrity would you like to surprise you when you step out in the dress you want?

What awesome thing do you do that sets you apart?

What terrible thing in your past makes this day inspiring?

What is the first name of the man you are about to marry?

When did you meet your groom?

What industry do you work in?

What kind of position are you in at work?

What tragedy has recently befallen you?

How do you keep active?

How do you usually dress?

What do you do to give back to the community?

How big is your family?

What is going to upset your father about your selection of dresses?

How did you meet the friend you're bringing with you for the try-on?

What will your friend definitely support about your dress choices?

What style of dress do you think you'll fall for?

Where is your wedding going to be?

How long have you been planning your wedding?

Who won't be at your wedding?

Where do you plan to move once you are married?

Do you plan to continue working once you are married?

Who will take whose name?

Where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?

Whose music are you planning on using for your first dance?

What will you ride away from your reception inside of?

What does your intended's family like best about you?

Where will you spend your wedding night?

What are you planning to do to celebrate moving in together?

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About This Quiz

Some people say that the bridal industry is a ridiculous business that is all about preying on women's silly notions about wasting a whole lot of time and money narcissistically indulging their urge to be a princess for a day. Those people see bridal magazines and wedding shows, and they mutter, Scrooge-like, "Bah, humbug!"

This quiz is not for such curmudgeons. This quiz is for the people who know that sure, the wedding isn't the be-all and end-all of saying yes to being a lifelong partner to someone you love, but it does matter, and it is worth putting time into getting it right. 

After all, there is probably no other time in your life that everyone you care about - from your family to your college pals to your home friends to your work buddies to your favorite neighbors to that cousin you find super annoying but still love deep down - all come together to celebrate one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. 

A wedding is about holding yourself accountable to your community for the vow you've made to love, honor, and cherish your boo. It's a chance to say something about what sort of union you intend to have, for example by dropping the "obey" part of the vow for one to mutually honor and support, or by dressing in a more traditional or modern manner. 

It is a statement of purpose and of who you are as a couple. That means how you might want to do it says something about what sort of person you might end up doing it with - and if you tell us about the first, we'll let you know about the second. Let's get started!

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