Quiz: Go on an Epic Journey and We'll Give You a Mystical Creature Guide for Your Voyage
Go on an Epic Journey and We'll Give You a Mystical Creature Guide for Your Voyage
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

This isn't your ordinary journey, and it will require that you be your own travel agent! Imagine being able to travel anywhere you want to go. If time and money were no limit, would you spend months in the south of France or a year living off the land in Alaska? Planning your ultimate journey during this quiz will help us to assign you the perfect mythical creature to function as your traveling spirit animal! 

When you travel, do you make full lists of things to pack or are you the type that packs a pair of jeans and goes jet-setting? Your travel style will give us some fairly detailed insights into the mythical beast that might be roaring inside you. 

Share your most desired destinations and activities with us, and we'll be able to make sure you get just the right one! Are you as fearless as a banshee or as ethereal as nymph? The way you plan a trip will tell us a lot about your inner spirit! 

You don't need to dress up in armor to take this quiz, but it is recommended that you pack some motion sickness medication. Let's find out which mythical creature will guide you on your dream trip around the globe! 

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