Go on an Epic Quest and We'll Give You a Sword to Wield!

Zoe Samuel

In what realm would you go on your epic quest?

What form of transportation would you use in your journey?

What clothing would you wear?

What armor would you take with you?

What sort of shield would you bear?

What color banner would you travel under?

What symbol would go on your banner?

What animal would accompany you?

What authority would you invoke on your quest?

Who would you choose as a sidekick?

What foreign civilization might you encounter on your quest?

What artifact would you pick up along the way to help in your quest?

What challenging environment would you cross in your quest?

What mysterious stranger might you run into on your quest?

What sort of holy person might you encounter on your journey?

What threshold guardian would you need to pass?

What creature would you vanquish as practice for your final encounter?

What terrible event might happen to derail your quest midway through?

How would you escape from the cave, dungeon, or fish you were trapped inside of?

What trophy would you keep from your captivity?

Where would your quest lead you?

How would you enter the final setting of your quest?

Who would accompany you on this final leg of your quest?

How much of your gear would you still have with you?

Would you be well fed and rested for this final leg of your journey?

Who would you face in your final confrontation?

Would you face them alone?

What style would you use to fight?

What tactic would you use to defeat them?

What would you do once you had achieved the object of your quest?

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About This Quiz

Swords are symbols of power, both temporal in the case of the swords of soldiers, and metaphysical in their applications in magic. In Japan, there is a story about two master sword smiths, one who prized his swords for their ability to kill, and the other for their ability to protect the bearer. When put in a river, the murderous sword attracted leaves and flowers floating in the water, slicing them in half. The other sword seemed to repel them; even dead leaves were not keen to get close to the sword.

Do you know much about the famous swords of legend? Sure, Excalibur could cut through nearly anything, but whosoever wore its scabbard was immune to wounds. Rocamadour, France is home to a local legend that Durendal, the sword of Roland was stabbed into the side of a mountain, where fragments of it remain (alongside a replica). There are stories of swords forged by gods, dwarves, and wizards. No two swords share exactly the same origins or properties, and no two sword-wielding heroes are quite the same.

So what epic quest would you pursue? Would you be in it for yourself, someone you love, or a higher cause? What epic sword would be right for you? Take this quiz to find out!

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