Quiz: Go on an Epic Trip and We'll Tell You Which Movie Genre Is Most Like Your Life
Go on an Epic Trip and We'll Tell You Which Movie Genre Is Most Like Your Life
By: Mark Lichtenstein
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Movies and travel are inextricably entwined. In a film, serendipity is an essential part of the narrative. Even the term serendipity comes from travel. Horace Walpole first coined the term, referencing the story "The Three Princes of Serendip" (an old name for Sri Lanka), in which the protagonists keep making discoveries by accident. In books on screenwriting like "The Writer's Journey" (by Christopher Vogler) the heroic narrative structure is referred to as a "heroic journey." In this arc, the hero begins in a "place" called "the ordinary world" and journeys (sometimes metaphorically) to "the special world" where much of the story takes place. The final part of the story is when the hero, having achieved his or her mission, returns to "the ordinary world" with the talisman, insight, or wisdom won in "the special world." Isn't that why everyone likes to travel? Don't we visit faraway lands to experience new things and to come home with memories that help us appreciate our ordinary lives in a new way?

Travel choices say a lot about the traveler's regular life. People who live in cold climates often choose to visit tropical islands to relax in the warmth. Families like to visit places that will keep the children entertained. Some adventurous types who work relatively mundane lives prefer to go to places where they can climb mountains, spelunk into caves, or taste exotic or dangerous food.

If a vacation is a reflection of one's life, then the life of the traveler can be unwound from its details. People go on holidays for adventures they won't have at home, so quite often their home life is the opposite of the trip's apparent theme. Tell us the details of your dream epic journey and, hand in hand with Joseph Campbell's "Hero With A Thousand Faces" we will work out what movie genre permeates your life at home.

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