Quiz: Go Hunting for the Weekend and We'll Accurately Guess Which Truck You Own!
Go Hunting for the Weekend and We'll Accurately Guess Which Truck You Own!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you own a truck, it's likely that you appreciate a weekend of hunting. Whether your vehicle is primarily used for work, for hobbies, because you inherited it and it still runs so you can't be bothered to replace it, or for commuting around a spotless and affluent suburb, you could take it hunting. Sure, it may be a battered hunk of rust that has had most of its innards replaced several times. It could be a clean white monster with a hybrid engine, a carbon negative footprint, and no exhaust pipe. It's probably somewhere in between. Even so, if it's a truck, that metaphorical dog can hunt.

Still, not all trucks are suited to every kind of hunt. After all, some hunts involve staying out overnight in the wild and slogging through swampland with your .243 to bring home a fine young buck that you'll field-dress yourself. Some include staying in a luxury hunting lodge and dining on a hearty slab of venison and an excellent Chianti before breaking out the Purdey to shoot yourself some pheasant. Some involve smaller prey, and some larger. What you love tells us a lot about the vehicle that'll join you on your hunting trip, so tell us about the trip, and we'll let you know about the transportation!

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